Published On : Fri, Apr 10th, 2015

NU exams postponed by 15 days

exam postponedNagpur.

The Nagpur University exams starting April have been postponed by 15 days in response to the students demands. This decision was taken by the Board of Examinations. (BOE)

Exams beginning 13, 20th and 25th April are being postponed by 15 days each. These are exams:

M.A CBS 4th Sem

M.Com CBS 4th Sem

M.Sc CBS 4th Sem

M.Sc(Tech) CBS 6th Sem

M.S.W CBS 4th Sem

M.C.M CBS 4th Sem

M.Lib CBS 4th Sem


There was confusion and panic among students as this information was not displayed till this evening at the University offices. Students, who are still awaiting results of their revaluation did not know what to do and generally students were in the dark and therefore disturbed.


There is a norm that after the academic session is over a time of 90 days is to be expected to be given for preparing for the exams. But since the results of the winter exams were declared late the summer session also began late and there was little duration between summer exams and the academic session.

Students particularly wanted the 13th April exams postponed. They had made appeal about this to the Acting VC Dr. Vinayak Deshpande. Dr. Sidharth Sane took over as VC yesterday