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    NT Exclusive : Why Satish Uke being targeted to cover up Loya’s case?

    Nagpur/New Delhi: Amid the media blitzkrieg over the city advocate Satish Uke, who was levelled as the absconding man in a section of media, a gross ignorance cropped up in the entire episode. It may be mentioned that Uke had recently dug into the sensational case of death of CBI Judge Justice Loya who died under mysterious circumstances in Nagpur. It may be mentioned that Loya’s death gathered much storm in the light of the fact the he was hearing Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case in which BJP National President Amit Shah was one of the prime accused.

    Uke was dubbed as the absconding man in the wake of his presence at the press conference in Delhi along with senior Congress leaders Kapil Sibbal and Salman Khursheed. The press conference was held to blow out the Centre on various counts including its ignorance in the mysterious death of Justice Loya. The local media however focussed on Uke’s status whereas it turned blind eye towards the fact he was granted interim bail till February 7 2018.

    An interim order, the copy of which is with Nagpur Today shows that Uke was granted interim relief till February 7, the date on which he would be required to remain present at Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court.

    Uke’s case of contempt!

    It may be mentioned that Uke is allegedly wanted in a case regarding contempt of HC order. Interestingly, Uke had filed a petition against the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. During the hearing, Uke had also levelled serious allegations against Justice RK Deshpande, following which the contempt of court’s order was issued against Uke. This apart, the court had also ordered Uke to deposit Rs 2 lakh as security. Uke also appeared for in-camera hearing.

    On February 28 last year, the High Court convicted Satish Uke of contempt of court and imposed a penalty of Rs 2000.

    Loya Case, Court Ord

    Now what about Loya’s case?
    However amid the media blast against Uke, many of the reports actually forgot to highlight the issue for which Uke and the other two Congress leaders took the press conference. Sources believe that the some of the media reports came out in manipulated form to divert the attention from Loya case.

    Social activist smells rat!
    Social activist Suraj Dayanandrao Lolge, who claims to be the first to file petition demanding fair and impartial probe into Justice Loya’s death, told Nagpur Today that he had no trust in CBI for its partial stand in Sohrabuddin


    case. Moreover, he said he had demanded probe by Special Investigation Team (SIT) outside the BJP-ruled states. “I had also sought hearing in any High Court which does not fall under BJP ruled states,” said Lolge adding that every document pertaining to Loya’s case, be it post mostem report, viscera report or police FIR, has been tampered with.

    “How can Dr Tungram who prepared both the postmortem and viscera report of Justice Loya cited two different reasons for death. Whereas the postmortem report claims it was natural death, the viscera report says Loya died due ot artery failure,” Lolge pointed out.

    Documents sought during SC hearing
    On Friday, the petition by Tehseen Poonawalla demanding independent probe into the mysterious death of Justice Loya has sought seven separate records including medical, guest house and police from the Maharashtra government. Here is the complete break-up of the information sought:

    Detailed medical record of late Justice Loya at Dande Hospital, Meditrina hospital and Government Medical College, Nagpur which would include the following:

    – List of doctor’s and staff providing medical aid to Justice Loya at both the hospitals.
    – Doctors who conducted postmortem and staff who further assisted in preparing the post mortem report.
    – Medical treatment provided
    – List of medicines
    – MLC
    – ECG reports
    – Admission card of both the hospitals
    – Discharge card of both the hospitals, documents and other relevant medical records.
    – Death investigation report and death certificate
    – Entire postmortem record

    Details of the government guest house “Ravi Bhawan”
    – Guest Register
    – Office administration and staff employed during the said period i.e November 1, 2014 to January 30, 2015
    – CCTV footage
    – Visitors register which has entry and exit details of car and people visiting the guest house
    – Travelling details of Justice Loya which would include Mumbai to Nagpur along with local travelling within Nagpur.

    Police records
    – Panchnama
    – Complaints u/s 174 CrPC
    – Any other police record in reference to the same
    – Name and detail of persons who accompanied Justice Loya to Hospital.
    – Name and details of persons who accompanied the corpse of Justice Loya from Nagpur to Gategaon.
    – Justice Loya’s mobile phone records since from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.
    – Details of wedding and guest present during the wedding along with photographs taken during the event.

    Demands raised from various fronts…
    Meanwhile, on January 31 Admiral Ramdas (Retd) and the Youth Bar Association Of India had filed Intervention Applications in the Supreme Court seeking an independent probe into the death.

    Before this, Admiral Ramdas had sent letters to Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Acting Chief Justice of Bombay High Court V.K. Tahilramani seeking their intervention.

    He has demanded a court-directed Special Investigation Team (SIT) probe “to thus restore public confidence in the image of the judiciary and the highest court in the land – i.e. the Supreme Court”.

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