Published On : Mon, Oct 8th, 2012

NRI duped of Rs. 45 lakh in city

Nagpur News: Maurshee Salve, a 72 year old non- residential Indian who had come to the city to buy some property, was duped of Rs. 45 lakhs by four conmen posing as real- estate agents.

Milind Gondane (52), Imran Ali (30), Ashok Dogde (42), and Hitesh Agrawal (34) approached the elderly lady with offers to sell land. They had with them a collection of forged documents, including Identity proofs, PAN cards and documents for three different plots of land which they sold to Mrs. Salve for a total amount of Rs. 45 lakh.

The victim, suspecting forgery, decided to visit the plote by herself one day and came upon the truth. She registered a case with the police. Investigations were begun by Sub- Inspector Bose, and the culprits have been nabbed. All four conmen have confessed to the crime.

Further investigations are underway, to find out about other con activities that the gang has indulged in, in recent times.