Published On : Sat, Jul 9th, 2016

Now, VHP to strive for addiction-free society, says Togadia

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), which is undertaking various social activities of late, has now decided to get rid of different kinds of addictions afflicting the society as a whole.

Praveen Togadia, the International Working President of the Hindu organization, who arrived in Nagpur on Saturday, said the VHP will now strive for de-addiction. “Not only the common people will be ‘freed’ from the heady scourge but the sadhu, sant, sadhvis will be counseled to give the addiction. Nasha has become a widespread menace in the country with youths specifically in the vice-like grip of the menace. I directly or indirectly know over 20,000 sadhus and sants but hardly few of them indulge in cherishing any kind of ‘nasha.’ But the scourge has spread its tentacles among common people specifically the younger generation. This aspect is of concern,” Togadia asserted.

Displaying a sample of medicine developed and manufactured by VHP its laboratory, Togadia claimed the medicine has ‘power’ to de-addict people from the menace. “Looking to the present situation, it is my calculation that every second person will be afflicted by one or the other disease in the country in the next 20 years. The entire revenue of the country would be spent only treating the people. Hence, it is time to ponder over the dreadful aspect. On the part of VHP, it is creating over one lakh health ambassadors. The target will be achieved soon. The VHP’s health ambassadors will be experts on basic checkup and will render their services in rural as well as urban areas.

VHP’s Naturopathy Centre in Nagpur:
Togadia further said that VHP is setting up a Naturopathy Centre at Butibori near Nagpur. Different diseases will be treated by natural methods and processes in this centre. Praful Gade is making the 10-acre land available for the Naturopathy Centre. Apart from treatment, the Centre will also undertake research activities, the International Working President of VHP said.