Published On : Thu, Jun 18th, 2015

Now, the ghost of builder-funda is devouring investors


Nagpur: While citizens are already cheated by chit-funda (chit-funds), lucrative investment-funda and various types of ‘fundas’ (tactics) in the city day-by-day, the ghost of builder-funda has raised his yawning head these days to devour the potential investors who are suffering from ‘greed-mania’ of finding their money in manifold dimensions through short-cuts.

Such cheat-builders are flourishing in Wanadongri and other areas on the outskirts of city, like, Bheelgaon, Bela and Jhari, etc. They seem to have taken oath to dupe the investors or their emerging clients in the name of providing them houses, shops and flats, all under false assurances. The fault lies with the citizens/ investors as well, for they have so much money with them (one cannot guess where from money comes to them only) that they want to invest it for possessing more houses, flats and shops than what they already have. It is their weakness to feel that their investment in immovable property will make them bigger and bigger, richer and richer, not at all realizing that they may be beggared also.

This predicament of investors is revealed from the recent incident of investors approaching Dhantoli police station in protest against the builder with his office at Asha Tower. The protesters gheraoed the police station for 4-5 hours demanding stern action against the Matrix Builders, managed by Suchit Ramteke, who duped them. It is alleged that the said builder befooled the investors in the name of providing them flats and shops at cheaper rates, and thus collected lakhs of rupees from them and disappeared.

However, the police have pacified the protestors that an intensive hunt is under way to nab the culprit.

Nagpur today will soon expose another builder who has indulge in same practise with office earlier in IT park and now in Anjani Chowk.