Published On : Fri, Jul 12th, 2013
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Now, Spanco squeezing its own staffers by leaving them high and dry with low salaries

Nagpur News: The Spanco, not satisfied by demonic actions against the power consumers by various harassing means and manners, has now been targeting its own technical staff.  The outraged technical staff has threatened to strike works by calling an agitation against tricky tactics of the company. In simple words more and more tormentation of consumers.

However, the Spanco authorities, after considering the cascading effect of the strike by the technical employees, have developed cold feet. Now, the Spanco officials  have started negotiations to hammer out an amicable solution to the problems of the company’s technical staff.

The Spanco has a 500-strong technical employees who look after repairing, maintaining power lines, and other related technical works. Most of the technical employees have either ITI passed or diploma holders. The employees are skilled and experienced to handle works in power sector. However, the skilled and experienced staffers are being paid meager salaries by the Spanco which itself is playing various games with heaps and heaps of crisp papers popularly called the currency notes by robbing and looting the power consumers. Moreover , the company had appointed these employees like technicians, linemen, operators on the regular basis. They are not the contract workers. These same technical workers were being paid salaries in the range of 15,000-25000 when they were working for MSEDCL. The Spanco now pays them only Rs 6000-7000 as salaries for the same works they were performing for MSEDCL. Not to mention a chain of reactions for them in a day-to-day life on the financial front.

The technical and other workers of Spanco had formed a union affiliated with Maharashtra State Electricity Board Workers Federation and, subsequently had demanded a considerable hike in their salaries. The employees had forwarded a proposal to Spanco authprites and had demanded Rs 10,000 salary per month to junior technicience and Rs 12,000 salary to linemen and operators. But unfortunately the Spanco authorities, as usual, totally neglected the workers’ genuine demands and “allowed” them to resort to strike.

Meanwhile, the Spanco authorities and employees held several meetings in the past but nothing emerged positive and the problem remained in limbo. This time also the workers warned Spanco of a strike from July 5. However, the strike has been postponed following  starting of fresh negotiations between the workers and Spanco management, said Mohan Sharma, President of Maharashtra State Electricity Board Workers Federation.