Published On : Tue, Feb 18th, 2020

Now siren blows if motorists cross stop-line at red signal in Nagpur

Nagpur: Next time if you hear a siren blowing at traffic single and couldn’t sight the ambulance, the chances are really high that some motorist must have crossed the Stop-Line i.e. the line before Zebra Crossing at Red Signal. To aware and promote traffic norms among the citizens, the Nagpur Police Traffic Department has started an innovative initiative. Inaugurated by Commissioner of Police, Dr Bhushan Kumar Upadhayay, the pilot project of the same is in full swing at Law Collage Square.

Under this initiative, the traffic signals have been deployed with a sensor and horn enabled device, installed at both ends of the road.

As soon as some motorists cross the Stop-Line at red signal, the siren will be blown altering the commuters. The device has been conceptualized by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Detection, Gajanan Rajmane and two engineering students Nahush Kulkarni and Kaustabh Kulkarni brought the device to life within 15 days.

How does it work?
The device is enabled with laser light, sensors and horn has been placed parallel to each other at traffic signal. If any motorist crosses the devices’ alignment when signal is red, the siren will be blown. Further, the violators will be sent traffic challan with the help of COC.