Published On : Thu, Jan 5th, 2017

Now, Mahavitaran announces Nav Prakash Yojana for defaulting farmers

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Nagpur: Mahavitaran on Thursday announced Nav Prakash Yojana for Agriculture Consumers whose power connections have been permanently disconnected for non-payment of bills. Nav Prakash Yojana by Mahavitaran was started on November 1, 2016 for the Permanently Disconnected (PD) Electricity Consumers. Now, the Agricultural Consumers and the decree passed cases can also participate in the Nav Prakash Yojana.

In the Nav Prakash Yojna of Mahavitaran, the consumers whose cases are referred to Lok Adalat or the decree cases where the date of decree passed is more than 12 years is also to be allowed to participate in the scheme.
Except the consumers in PWW Scheme, all the other category consumers can participate in this scheme. In this scheme, the consumers paying the arrears on principle amount are given discount on the Security Deposit, Service Connection Charges and Reconnection Charges while applying for a new connection without the need of giving affidavit. Besides, the reconnection application is also available for free at Mahavitaran’s office.

As the scheme is valid for a period of six months, the consumers who pay the Principal amount till January; will be waived off from 100% interest and Delay Payment Charges on the principal arrears. However, the consumers who pay the principal amount and 25% of upto date interest from February to April 2017 will be waived off from the 75% interest amount on the principal arrears and 100% delay charges.

The PD consumers who want to participate in the scheme can enquire about the arrear payment on Mahavitaran’s website . The link is readily available on this website. However, where the internet connectivity is not available, such consumers can get the details of their arrear payment immediately from the Section to Circle offices of Mahavitaran. Mahaviataran appeals the PD consumers to take the benefit of the Nav Prakash Yojna by participating in the scheme.