Published On : Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

Now, gift your loved ones or cherish delicacies and a lot with ‘Facebook M’ assistant

Facebook M
Facebook has entered the league of virtual assistants with its newly launched Facebook M. This virtual assistant will be a part of the messenger platform.

While using M through Facebook messenger, users can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, make travel arrangements, set up appointments and many other things. Unlike other virtual assistants in the market, Facebook M uses text input to help users with their queries. Users will need to type in their questions and will receive a text back with an answer to their question asked.

David Marcus, vice president of messaging products, said on his Facebook page that ‘M’ is powered by artificial intelligence that is trained and supervised by human operators.

With no official date given, M has been launched in the Bay area in California and will eventually be made available to users around the world. It will be available on Android as well as iOS.