Published On : Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

Now, app-based cabs to operate from Nagpur Railway Station hassle free

Nagpur: In a great relief to passengers, 10 App-based taxis are being run from Nagpur Railway Station officially. Now passengers alighting at Nagpur Station can go to their destinations in city hassle free as they will be able to hire app-based tax service on both sides of Station. The running of App-based taxis will spare the passengers of arrogant auto drivers and hefty hire charges as well.

Auto drivers shooed away cabs:
City is now-a-days is witnessing run of App-based taxis. Everyone is booking the easy-to-get and km based taxis. Most needed at Nagpur Railway Station but the arrogant auto drivers used to disallow entry of these taxis for absurd reasons. In this tricky situation, passengers had to come out of station premises, sometimes up to Kasturchand Park, to hire the taxis. But now the situation has changed. After the fruitful talks between the App-based taxi companies and Railway authorities, permission was granted to operate app-based taxis from Nagpur Railway Station. Now, 10 taxis can be parked at drop-&-go lane. A space has been allotted to the concerned taxi company. Things would be easier with the change.

Making cab services available was a long-pending demand of passengers. Cab drivers’ attempts to enter railway station premises were foiled by auto drivers who often damaged cabs and even attacked the drivers.