Published On : Thu, Oct 4th, 2018

Now an app to book car parking space in Nagpur!

Buying a motor vehicle today is a bread and butter job, thousands of sellers, banks and financers are promising you the minimum pricings, best and lowest interest rates and heaven made services. But have you thought what they just don’t promise?

Well, they can’t promise you the parking space. Yes, the parking, which is being the biggest headache these days in this ocean of motor vehicles. Yes it’s an ocean, India is the 3rd largest car market in Asia-Pacific which sold around 4 million motor vehicles only in 2017. Which means it all needs a certain parking space.

Not everyone gets it, in fact a lot of people avoid taking their cars to most of the places they visit and prefer either public transport or a two-wheeler vehicle. Because they surely know that there will be no parking space, but the fact is they don’t know if there is a parking space available or not in the area they are travelling to.

And here comes “” in picture. Which is one perfect solution for all your parking problems. It doesn’t only find and books a parking space for you at the minimal rates but also it helps you the opportunity to earn a bit as well.

YoParker is an amazing initiative by some amazing people who face everyday parking problems. So one fine afternoon they all sat together and came up this brilliant idea to solve the parking issues across the country.

You just need to download the app on your phone and you can find and book a parking space for your vehicle in the area you are visiting, and it is very simple. It’s a three step process you download the app, register yourself, book your parking space and there you go. There will be an allotted parking space for you before you reach there. The hassle free safety of your vehicle.

YoParker is also a great platform for people to earn an extra income by listing their property on the app to avail it for the parking. To do so, follow the same three step process but slight differently, download the app, register your space, make it available for the people to park and its done. Your earning will start right immediately after that. The process is entirely secure and gives you the real time access of your earning and parking you offered.
This initiative has made the parking problems gets solved in a snap of your finger. So what are you waiting for, visit or download the app now.