Published On : Sun, Jun 22nd, 2014

Notorious goon killed in Kalamna late nite on Saturday

File Photo

File Photo

Nagpur News : Notorious goon Balya alias Yuvraj Rahangdale from Gulshan Nagar area of Kalamna, was brutally done to death, on Saturday, by a long time rival. The accused in the case is another history sheeter from the area named Yogendra Mangal Pal. A number of offences had been registered against both.

According to information Balya along with one of his aide attacked Pal’s house around 9 pm on Saturday. Balya had reportedly come to know of Pal’s plan to come after him and thus planned to kill the latter.

Balya barged into Pal’s house but failed to find him. He threatened the women at home of dire consequences if they did not reveal Pal’s whereabouts. One of the women fearing for life took a handful of chilly powder and threw it into Balya’s eyes.

It was then that Pal came from behind and grabbed Balya”s knife. He then stabbed Balya in the throat and face repeatedly. By the time Balya’s aide had fled. After killing Balya, Pal reached Kalamna police station and narrated the entire episode.