NOTA option too emerges winner with 94467 votes!

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The just concluded Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) election sprang many a surprise in unique ways. In the local body poll that recorded around 54 percent polling, NOTA (None Of The Above) option emerged a winner, too, as a whopping 94467 voters pressed the button to display their “disappointment” over selection of candidates by respective political parties across the 38 Prabhgas. The very high number of “rejection” votes turned out to be a salient feature of this NMC poll.

Other salient features of NMC poll are as follows:

  • Three former Mayors licked the dusts with prominent being Vikas Thakre. Two others are Naresh Gawande and Kishore Dorle.
  • 80 women emerged winners for the 151-member local body. Of them, 22 became Corporators multiple times. Abha Pande, Mayatai Iwnate, Chetana Tank, Pragati Patil, Swati Akhatkar, Pallavi Shamkule, Jaishri Wadibhasme, Yashashri Nandanwar, Mangala Gawre are among the experienced members.
  • Only 42 sitting Corporators succeeded in getting elected that include 27 of BJP and 7 of Congress.
  • Praful Gudadhe Patil of Congress and Jagdish Gwalvanshi of BJP made it a record five times. Similarly, four Corporators will be occupying benches in NMC House fourth time in a row. It was a hat-trick of sorts for 14 Corporators. 91 Corporators are the first timers.
  • Nine newly elected Corporators are under 30 years of age.
  • The eldest City Father is 64-year old while the youngest is 25-year old.
  • Parasram Manwatkar of Congress got elected from Prabhag3A is eldest and Shilpa Dhote of BJP who won the election from Prabhag 14 is the youngest among all.
  • There are four newly elected Corporators who are in 60 plus club.
  • One is Parasram Manwatkar aged 64, Rupa Rai of BJP who won election from Prabhag 15 is 62 years old. Tanaji Wanve of Congress who got elected from Prabhag 26 is 60 years old and Jagdish Gwalbanshi of BJP is 60 years old.