Published On : Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

North Point School being run in congested residential area puts citizens on the edge

North Point School

Nagpur: In what could be termed as high-handedness of a politically influential person, a School-cum-Junior and Senior College is being run in a congested residential area in the city in blatant violation of laid down rules and regulations. As a result, residents of the area are undergoing a harrowing experience as the students park their cycles and two-wheelers right in front of their houses.

The residents have approached every concerned official including the police who is related to this problem and have aired their grievances, but to no avail. Nobody is ready to take any action against the erring owner of North Point School for reasons best known only to them. Finally, when they exhausted all options, they have now knocked the doors of the court for justice.

According to sources, Ramesh Baburao Fule runs the North Point School in a congested residential area in barely 2600 square feet land. Apart from the school, he also runs Junior College for Arts, Commerce and Science as well as a Senior College in the same premises for BA, B. Com, B. Sc, BBA, BCA, BCCA and Post graduate courses like MCM, PGD, CCA, MA and Diploma in Interior Decoration.

Sources claimed that he runs these Junior and Senior College in all three mediums (English, Hindi and Marathi).

The complainants (neighbours of Ramesh Baburao Fule) while speaking to Nagpur Today on condition of anonymity said that they face harrowing experience because of this person. Almost every day, there is some or the other skirmishes between the students and staff members who park their cycles or two-wheelers in front of their gates. As such the area is very congested. The students and the staff of the school and college park their cycles, motorcycles and scooterettes in front of other people’s houses. Sometimes, they even park their vehicles in front of the gates preventing the owners of the houses to take their own vehicles inside their house.

When confronted, the students misbehave with the people. Often arguments result in fisticuffs or physical violence.

No redressal at Police Station
The residents of Prem Nagar area have lodged umpteen complaints with the Lakadganj Police Station, but the cops there refuse to entertain their complaints claiming that they cannot take any complaint against any school.

No redressal by NMC’s Ward Officer
The residents of Prem Nagar area then approached the NMC Zone office and lodged a complaint that Ramesh Fule is using a residential area for commercial purposes and thus violating the rules and regulations. Yet the Zone office did not redress their grievances nor did they initiate any action against the offender.

North Point School
No redressal even by Municipal Commissioner
The residents of Prem Nagar area then approached the Municipal Commissioner and lodged a complaint against Ramesh Fule and all the harrowing experiences that they are going through. There too their grievances were not redressed nor did they initiate any action against the offender. 

Traffic Police Inspector
The residents of Prem Nagar area also approached the Traffic Police Inspector, North Zone, Dosar Bhavan Square and lodged a complaint that the students studying in North Point School-cum-College run by Ramesh Fule are parking their vehicles in a haphazard manner near their houses and preventing smooth flow of traffic on the already congested roads. The Traffic Police Inspector too did not initiate any action against the offender.

Irked by no action against the offender, the residents of Prem Nagar decided to knock the doors of the court. Their grievances did not get redressed in the lower court, so the residents approached the High Court through their Advocate Kaushal Trivedi. While speaking to Nagpur Today, some residents of Prem Nagar claimed that Fule had threatened the residents that no official can even touch him because he has close links with high people in power and in Nationalist Congress Party.

North Point School
No escape for students in case of fire incident
Advocate Kaushal Trivedi while speaking to Nagpur Today said that god forbid, but in case of any fire or any other crisis, the students cannot even escape, since the School and the College is run in single storied building on a small premise of 2600 square feet. He quoted a case where around 400 school children were charred to death and the Supreme Court had given a directive to ensure safety and security to school children (Avinash Malhotra V/s the Union of India).

Petitioner threatened
The Petitioner who had taken up the case to the court is Doctor Virendra Keshavlal Shah who is the Principal of Ayurveda College. When the offender Ramesh Fule learnt that Dr Virendra Shah has filed a petition in the court, the offender Ramesh Fule went to Lakhadganj Police Station and lodged a complaint against Dr Virendra Shah saying that many lady teachers have complained that Doctor Virendra Shah looks at them with lecherous looks and passes lewd comments. The cops of Lakadganj Police Station were apt to register his complaints. Dr Virendra Shah was promptly called to the police station and questioned. Dr Virendra Shah had given his statements which clearly showed that this action by the offender is an act of vendetta for him approaching the courts.

North Point School
The offender Ramesh Fule had made a statement in front of all the police officials in the Lakadganj Police Station that he will withdraw all the police complaints if he withdraws the petitioned filed in the court.

High Court issues notices
After hearing the Advocates for both the parties, the High Court had issued a notice to seeking answers by September 9, 2016.

Justice B R Gavai and Justice V M Deshpande of the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court had waived notices to Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone-3), Police Inspector of Lakadganj Police Station and Traffic Police Inspector (North Zone).

However, they have granted Hamdast to Nagpur Municipal Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner & Ward Officer, Chief Fire Officer and Ramesh Baburao Fule.