Published On : Fri, Jan 17th, 2020

NOGS initiative for Prevention and Early detection of Ovarian Cancer– Dr Priyanka Kamble

OVARIAN CANCER is one of the common cancers in women apart from breast and cervical cancer. There are many factors which have led to a rise in the ovarian cancers .Breast and cervical cancers are easily detected . However the symptoms of ovarian cancer are very vague, so the patients report late to the doctor. Ovarian cancer also has worst prognosis as compared to other cancers in women with a 5 year survival of only 45% and India has a huge burden of this disease.

The only measure in early diagnosis and prevention is Ultrasonography.

Here comes the role of IOTA. IOTA is International Ovarian Tumor analysis, a certified course by IOTA Europe for sonologists. It helps the gynecologists and the radiologists to differentiate in between the normal and the abnormal ovaries which have chances of cancer. It helps them to use a standard protocol and terms to define such ovaries, their chance of malignancy, their spread, whether they are operable and many more details.

IOTA Training is the initiative of Nagpur Obstetrics and Gynecology society for women health and cancer prevention. It will be conducted on 19th January in Hotel center point by Dr. Mala Sibal. Dr. Sibal is a renowned gynaecologist and expert Fetal medicine specialist. She is especially known for her expertise in pelvic ultrasound. She is the only authorized person in India to conduct this IOTA-Europe training. Many doctors are going to take benefit of IOTA training.

The President of NOGS Dr Priyanka Kamble and Secretary Dr Kshama Kedar are all geared up to welcome all the trainees registered for IOTA from all around Vidharbha along with the organizers Dr Suvarna Joshi, Dr Swati Khandekar and Dr Neeta Sapre. This Initiative will aid in early detection and preventing mortality due to Ovarian cancers