Published On : Thu, Jul 2nd, 2020

Noble Policing : Nagpur cops help 2k workers to become ‘atmanirbhar’

Nagpur: “During the lockdown, I had witnessed plight of migrant workers, which used to make me anxious. Besides jobs, many were losing hopes too, with no means to earn livelihood for their families. Following this an idea came across my mind — to make them ‘Atmanirbhar’ (self-reliant),” says Additional Commissioner (crime), Dr. Nilesh Bharne on whose idea helped around 2000 unemployed workers earn their livelihood.

Dr. Bharne along with over 150 NGOs had came forward to help the needy by distributing food during the lockdown, has now took his philanthropic works to the next level. Dr. Bharne has now assisting the unemployed in finding jobs. So far around 2000 city based workers have been employed, thanks to the willingness of the NGO members.

“Being Nagpurian I knew some sensitive points where lockdown would hit hard. Following which we made the list of the areas and identified the skills of the people with a motive to provide them jobs accordingly. Some were construction labourers, some would do civil work and other workers. Till now we have provided around 2000 of them jobs in relevant sectors,” Dr Bharne elaborated.

Skill development centres, portal for job aspirants in pipeline

In the post-lockdown period, Dr. Bharne in association with local NGOs aim to create a job portal that would help job aspirants search for an employment free of cost. To take the project further Dr Bharne has planned setting up skill development centres at grassroot level. Through this skill development centres, people can get good jobs that can help them make their ends meet. The number at the office of Dr Bharne, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) 0712-2560214 is being treated as helpline number. Anybody who wants to extend help or get help can call on it. There is another number of Police Help Centre 888892478.

Shubham Nagdeve