Published On : Tue, Nov 3rd, 2015

No takers for Tur dal imported from Africa. Does not cook, complain users

Nagpur: There has been a huge outcry over rising price of dals, specially Tur dal leading Govt. to import huge quantities of it from Africa which is being supplied to markets by Dal mill owners.

It has finally become available just on the anvil of Diwali resulting in considerable reduction of Tur rate, since the imported dal is being sold at just Rs. 127/ per Kg at select outlets.

But despite this respite, consumers are not happy! Why so?

“This dal does not cook!” Complain many house wives after buying it and attempting to cook it.

“It is coarser and bigger than our home grown dal; it also smells a little strange” is another common complaint.

The fact is that more than 2000 Quintals of Tur dal has been made available to about 200 sundry retail shops of Nagpur. Dal Mills have supplied 30 quintal of it to supermarkets but only 25 kgs of it has been sold according to sources. That means just half a sack!

So with no takers for this dal at Rs. 130/ locally grown dal continues to rule the roost at at any price ranging from Rs. 170/ and above. We found Reliance supermarket selling it at a range from Rs. 190/ to Rs, 238.