Published On : Thu, Jun 1st, 2017

No Roof over their heads, not allowed to cook – dire straits of Kambles over whose house C.M.’s chopper fell

CM Fadnavis's helicopter Crash
Nagpur/Latur: Friday, 25th May was a lucky day for ” the 11.5 crores people of Maharashtra. Their Chief, and the others travelling with him were all safe and sound despite their helicopter crashing near Nilanga, Latur.”

For the Kamble family though, whose house cushioned the fall of the chopper, it wasn’t such a lucky day.

Part of the house collapsed due to the impact of the crash. Four members of the family got injured and are still in the hospital, recovering.

But the most shocking news is that 6 days after the crash, Bharat Kamble’s house hasn’t been repaired yet, nor any compensation given, as per reports in newspaper Loksatta today.

The women of the family, those who are uninjured, were wondering how to cook food in the house with collapsed walls when this dilemma was also solved for them!

Police have cordoned the site of the crash and told the ladies that they cannot light a match there, so there is no question of lighting a stove/ gas and cooking.

How to take food for their near and dear ones in the hospital is a question before them.

Also, with monsoons fast approaching, there is anxiety about their fate in the open without a proper roof over their heads.

Sambhajirao Patil Nilangekar, Guardian Minister of Latur is only assuring that ‘he has petitioned the state Govt. to help the family whose house has been damaged’.

Meanwhile we hope that as Guardian Minister, Nilangekar will make provisions to shelter the family till then – and also provide food?!