Published On : Tue, Aug 16th, 2016

No pilots to fly plane to Nagpur: Passengers held up for 5 hrs

Passengers of Mumbai-Nagpur flight held up in Mumbai for 5 hours

Air India
: In what could be mentioned as sheer apathy, the passengers of Air India faced harrowing experience at Mumbai Airport on August 15, 2016. When most of the passengers reached the airport for the Mumbai-Nagpur flight scheduled at 6:40 pm, they received an SMS which said that their flight has been rescheduled for 10 pm.

The passengers waited at the airport lounge after getting the security check done till 10 pm. However, even after 11:30 pm, there was no sign of any boarding call for the flight, the passengers got irked and started causing a big ruckus at the airport. When they started demanding immediate action against the erring staff for this inordinate delay, the passengers were told that there is no pilot to fly the plane.

After 11:40 pm when another Air India plane arrived from some other city to Mumbai Airport, the passengers were boarded onto the plane and the flight took off with that pilot. Were all the pilots celebrating Independence Day?

Problems galore for passengers
In what could be termed as retaliation, when the irate passengers were seated in the plane, some of them requested water and other stuff from the air-hostess. Instead of serving the passengers with kindness and feeling apologetic for the inordinate delay on their part, the female crew was heard complaining that the male passengers were misbehaving with them. The passengers felt that asking water to be served is a crime and tantamount to misbehavior. Some passengers of Air India told Nagpur Today on condition of anonymity that the way the air-hostess behaved appeared to be retaliation for the scene created by passengers at Mumbai airport.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, the officials of Air India accepted the fact that the flight was delayed for over 5 hours for want of pilots in Mumbai.