Published On : Sat, Feb 14th, 2015

‘No one has ever gone to jail for laughing’ Sonakshi Sinha


The AIB Roast is getting more interesting – even intelligent – in its aftermath than in the original.

Yesterday we read about how the cool Mahesh Bhatt got upset when there was an FIR against younger daughter Alia (and Deepika and Ranvir)

while Sonakshi was conveniently left out. Because her dad happens to be a BJP, MP? Mahesh snidely asked.

To that the girl Sonakshi tweeted the following replies and comments :


This was Mahesh Bhat’s rather tame reply –


This actor Sonakshi sure has brains as well as beauty it is apparent. Now will some movie makers please give her roles where she can display both??
What about you  Mahesh Bhatt? You do make movies also dont you? Or do you believe in casting only your daughters in the powerful female roles?