Published On : Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

No more shirking by babus in coming to Vidarbha


Vidarbha once upon a time used to be on limelight for its backwardness for a variety of reasons. Considering it a backward region, the government officers and employees from other regions never wanted to come to Vidarbha, even the government offices of this region always faced shortage of staffing. The officers and employees, who once used to think that transfer to Vidarbha was a sort of punishment, and they would then use their political or other types of sources to get their transfer orders cancelled, are now unable to escape their coming to Vidarbha. Earlier, as there was shortage of staffing in government offices of Vidarbha, such a situation used to affect the development of the region.

But now the scenario is changing gradually. The Chief Minister  belonging to Vidarbha has issued strict orders of transfers of officers and employees to Vidarbha, and is seriously viewing all tactics to get transfers cancelled. As a result, many vacant lying posts have got filled up within a period of six months, as compared to other parts of the state. Looking at the figures of vacant posts during year 2014 its percentage was 12.26 in Nagpur division and 16.61 in Amravati division. Now this percentage is gradually reducing.

Besides, the state government, vide its notification issued recently, has prepared the department-wise priority list of group ‘A’ and ‘B’ officials in terms of their promotions and appointments keeping Nagpur on top of the list. Now, it is mandatory for government employees to come to Nagpur on transfer. Such a decision of the state government will benefit development of Vidarbha, save certain concessions.

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Representational Pic

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