Published On : Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Nitin Gadkari : A minister with common man gesture!

Ntin Gadkari Coman Man
Nagpur: All political heavy weights are seen deliberately throwing the air of importance around them and even when they move about in public places they are surrounded by their retinue and foolproof security arrangement. But, look at Nagpur Member of Parliament, Union Transport Minister and influential politician whose simplicity is worth marking in public place.

He is seen standing in a queue at Nagpur Airport to seek a boarding pass of Indigo flight for Delhi on August 17. He could have sought privilege being a VIP much before seeking the boarding pass and escape formal airport checking under the virtue of his political stature. He has truly exhibited that he is part and parcel of common man, with no tinge of VIP aroma around him.
The picture depicting Gadkari standing in a queue was taken by a fellow flight-passenger and posted on social media.