Published On : Mon, Nov 6th, 2017

No more gas cylinder blast No more problem of gas theft

Nagpur: Nagpur headquartered Confidence Group launched Go Gas Elite Composite gas cylinders in a glittering ceremony yesterday in the city at the hands of its Chairman, Nitin Khara and Director, Elesh Khara. Composite gas cylinders made from world class technology have been launched for the first time in the Indian market. Manufactured and marketed by Confidence Futuristic Energtech Ltd. these cylinders will revolutionize Indian kitchen in the time to come.

Confidence Group is the biggest private LPG Cylinder manufacturer and LPG bottler in Asia. It runs more than 110 Auto LPG stations in India, 58 Bottling plant, 15 cylinder manufacturing units in India. It supplies LPG gas cylinders under the brand name Go Gas in 22 states through its more than 800 strong dealer network. With the launch of Go Gas Elite Composite gas cylinders the company plans to expand its presence in all the major cities in India within the next three months. This was revealed by Nitin Khara during the launch in Nagpur yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion Khara called introduction of composite gas cylinders in Indian market as a revolutionary step which is bound to transform Indian kitchens in the years to come. Population of our country is around 125 crore and around 75 crore people are LPG consumers. However more than 70 crore people do not know what is the weight of LPG gas cylinder supplied to them at home. They are also unaware about how much gas they should be getting. These cylinders are different than the iron body cylinders being used since last 65 years. Firstly these composite gas cylinders are extremely light in weight. They can be easily picked up even by women and children. Secondly these cylinders have transparent body due to which the amount of gas inside the cylinders can be seen atall times. This ensures that right quantity of gas is supplied and the amount of gas available in the cylinder at all times can be easily checked. Hence from now on there is no more worry of less gas being supplied or even of gas theft. Third speciality is that these cylinders are ‘Blast proof’ so there is no danger of loss of life and property thus making them extremely safe to use.

Vimal Parwal, President of Confidence Group while speaking on the occasion said 70 crore people use LPG and all these people are expected to switch to using composite cylinders within the next few years seeing the advantages offered by them. Looking at the future demand for such types of cylinders in the Indian market, it can be said that future belongs to composite cylinders. The sector is also expected to generate a lot of employment.

These cylinders are extremely popular in America, Japan, Australia and many European countries and have been in use for many years now. We plan to have presence in all major cities in India within the next three months.

Elabratoring further he informed that handling a 30 kg cylinder is difficult for any man or a woman, as per medical science it is not advisable to pick more than 23 kgs weight as it may damage the spine. 2 and 5 kg composite gas cylinders will be extremely convenient for students, hostels, hospitals, picnic, outdoor parties. These cylinders will be made available to consumers immediately without any formalities and we will ensure immediate refills as well.

The world has seen many technological changes in recent years. From black and white TV to LED TV, from Ambassador car to the latest BMW car, from dial phones to smart phones the world has moved on to newer variety but since last 50 years there have been no changes in the design of gas cylinders. Go Gas Elite has brought the latest world class technology in India for the first time. These cylinders have been certified safe by PESO the explosives department of the government of India.

Rajesh Nair, General Manager, Marketing while speaking on the occasion said every person who is concerned about the safety and security of his family will definitely start using these new light weight cylinders.

Go Gas Elite composite gas cylinders were launched in the presence of Director of the group Sarvesh Khara, Jitendra Jain, Satish Chandak, Rajesh Nair, A P Murty, Ms Nirali Sanghvi, distributor of Nagpur Mahesh Soni, staff of the company and other distinguish guest of the city.