Published On : Mon, Jun 12th, 2017

“No more competition! Want to enjoy life now and add to my knowledge only here onwards” says Sameer JEE topper

Sameer Pande and Himanshu Bhoyar

Sameer Pande and Himanshu Bhoyar

Nagpur: Sameer Pande; was second topper ( from Nagpur) in IIT entrance exams, Mains JEE. Has maintained his ranking in Jee Advanced too. (His AIR score is 104).

While speaking with NT Sameer expressed satisfaction that he has been able to maintain his Nagpur position but is not very happy with his national ranking.

“The first paper of this test was very easy – too easy in fact! That is why my score probably suffered, because it is tough tests that really test a candidate’s depth and readiness. The second was comparatively tougher, but I scored well in it.”

Sameer wants to pursue Engineering studies at IIT Delhi and is confident that he will get through easily.

The admission procedures will begin from June 15th and the college session will begin from 20th July.

“How will it be going away from your parents?” We ask.

“I am blank right now, can’t even think about it” replies Sameer candidly; ” my parents have been my life till now, hostel life is going to be new to me.”

“Have you read the book Five point someone? Are you prepared for the grueling life in an IIT as described in it?” NT asked.

Sameer said he had not read the book ( hadn’t even heard much about it) but when we asked about the movie made on it, he said, yes 3 Idiots is his favourite movie and he has seen it many times.

But the situation of students shown in it does not cause him any concern.

“I am not going to be overtly competitive any more” he says. “Itna – Jee walla – competition bahut ho gaya! In Delhi, I want to enjoy life and concentrating on gaining knowledge.” (Seems completely like Amir Khan’s character in the movie!)

Himanshu Bhoyar, the first Nagpur JEE topper sounded tired and matter- of- fact. When we congratulated him he said “O.K. Thanks.” Why not in high spirits, we asked.

“All congratulations and celebrations were done with yesterday!” He replied candidly. He is back to normal life, preparing as Sameer for his IIT.

Himanshu is planning on going to IIT, Powai, but pursuing Computer Science only, like Sameer.

Himanshu, was ranked third from Nagpur last time and has catapulted to One now. He is happy about this performance but not very happy about his national ranking either.

He did not very well in Chemistry he says, “it dragged me down”.

Himanshu went to IIT Home for JEE entrance preparations and has done his 12th from Ambedkar college.