Published On : Sun, Aug 23rd, 2015

No heavy school bags for students; government likely to pass a resolution

Mumbai/Nagpur: Following the footsteps of the Delhi Government to make school bags lighter for kids, now the Maharashtra Government is likely to pass a resolution to address the problem, as well.

Bombay High Court’s V M Kanade and Shalini Phansalkar-Joshi, supported the Public Interest Litigation filed by the social activist Swati Patil and has given three weeks to the Government to take a decision. A committee has been formed to overlook the several recommendations that have been suggested to bring the change.

According to the report submitted, the children are carrying bags that are as much as 20-30 percent heavier than what they should be lugging around. As a result, a large proportion of students below the age of 10 now suffer from orthopaedic as well as stress-induced problems. One of the changes that have been suggested is to make the students use one book for at least 3 months for every subject and have the weight reduced by replacing hard covers to paperbound. Further, the committee also laid emphasis on the importance of E-Classroom, where students are taught using audio-visual technology.

The Central Advisory Board on Education also conducted a meeting in regard to the Delhi schools, where the concept of “class libraries” to inculcate the habit of reading among students and supplement those who do not bring textbooks on a particular day, was encouraged.

“Some of the guidelines are basically a reaffirmation of policies evaluated by education boards from time to time but not being strictly followed”, an HRD Ministry official said, as reported to PTI.