Published On : Sun, Apr 5th, 2020

No evidence of COVID-19 being airborne yet: ICMR

Nagpur/New Delhi: The health ministry is updating the media on the Coronavirus pandemic in India.

Here are the updates:

>> 274 districts across the country have been affected due to coronavirus till date

>> Total 3374 confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in India till now; an additional 472 new cases reported since yesterday. Total 79 deaths reported; 11 additional deaths have been reported since yesterday. 267 persons have recovered

>> Our doubling rate (in how many days the number of COVID-19 cases gets double) at present is 4.1 days. But if additional cases reported due to the Tablighi Jamaat event, had not taken place, then the doubling rate would have been 7.4 days

>> No evidence of COVID-19 being airborne yet

>> State governments are following the guidelines under lockdown. The situation of essential goods and services is satisfactory

>> 27,661 relief camps & shelters have been set up in all states across India — 23,924 by govts & 3,737 by NGOs. 12.5 lakh people are taking shelter in them. 19,460 food camps have also been set up — 9,951 by govts & 9,509 by NGOs