Published On : Mon, Jun 26th, 2017

No applicant should sign the papers given by the inspectors – Rajiv Jaiswal

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Nagpur: 850 bars, permit rooms and bear shoppe are closed as per the orders by Supreme Court. Some of them had filed a plea in high court in order to reopen their shoppes. Now PWD and excise department will an inspection to measure the distance of the shoppes from the highway. per the court’s guidelines. After this order is out Rajiv Jaiswal, the head of applicants has warned everybody not to sign the papers given by this authorities after the inspection.

The main points of the applicants discussion are as follows. One who have not paid the legal fees they have to pay it. The members who have filed petition via association, they are requested to submit a xerox copy of the order by state income tax department due to which their shops have been shut down, and they also have to file it to high court. Seniors will stand by for contempt on 28th and 30th of this month. If any one of the members of the association does’nt pays the legal fees then it will be problematic for the seniors to protest.