Published On : Sat, Apr 16th, 2016

NMC’s Rs 5.30 crore TTL machine deal turns out to be a “deal into deal”



Nagpur: The NMC deal to purchase the state-of-the-art Rs 5.30 crore Turntable Ladder (TTL) or snorkel for its Fire and Emergency Service Department, is turning out be a “deal into deal” if sources are to be believed. It is learnt that first a “favourable deal” with the supplier was ‘negotiated,’ then the agenda was put up before the Standing Committee and approved, and only thereafter the supply order was placed.


Notably, deliberations after deliberations were being held over purchase of the Euro 7,16,000 TTL machine since years between NMC Administration, ruling party office-bearers and officials of Fire and Emergency Service Department but ice was not being broken. Ultimately, in the last days of tenure of former Chairman of Standing Committee Ramesh Singare the “deal’ was “fixed” and the purchase was put in order. The “deal” could have left many sulking and at the same time could have left many “richer” in percentage.

Donation Fund:

The “deal” money could also go as Party Fund as the elections to NMC are approaching fast. Sources said the earlier dispensation “craved” for commission but the present ruling party “stressed” on ‘partnership,’ of course, covertly.

70 percent work of Budget could be completed:

The NMC Budget was present mainly depending on grants to be provided by State Government. Hence the development works would be limited to the amounts of grants only. In this situation, the development proposals of various NMC committees could be in limbo and could prove meaningless irrespective of public as well as publicity announcements.