Published On : Sat, Jun 4th, 2016

NMC’s river cleaning drive extended by 10 more days

Rivers Cleaning (1)
The 28-day drive launched by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to clean three rivers of the city – Nag, Pili, and Pohra – which was to culminate on June 5, the World Environment Day, has been extended by 10 more days in view of delayed monsoon. NMC had launched the clean river drive from May 9. But in view of reports of monsoon getting delayed the drive has been extended so that more and more cleaning of the rivers could be undertaken. Till to date, a stretch of only 37.5 km out of 42 km stretch of the rivers has been cleaned. It would not have been possible for NMC to complete the cleaning job if the drive is culminated on June 5. Hence a decision has been taken to extend the drive by 10 more days, the Mayor Pravin Datke said while addressing a press conference here on Saturday.

Wood charge at Ambazari crematorium:
The Mayor further said that now onwards, those opting wood for last rites of their dead ones will have to pay Rs 2211 which was hitherto free of cost. The charges are being recovered only at Ambazari Crematorium and not at other crematoriums. Approximately, 300 kg of wood is required to burn a body.

Ambazari Crematorium has facility of electric crematorium as well as LPG-based crematorium. These facilities are free of charge. The charge of Rs 2211 is taken only for supply of wood for the last rites, Datke said.

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