Published On : Sat, Feb 1st, 2014

NMC’s Marketing Department under scanner after Kanhere’s suspension

NMC’s Marketing Department under scanner after Kanhere’s  suspension

Nagpur News.

The malpractices in Marketing department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation came to light after suspension of Kishore Kanhere for his non deposition of total collected tax to the administration. It was alleged that Kanhere collected a total amount of Rs 92 lakh from Mangalwai Zone in last two years; however, he deposited only Rs 34 lakh in the Government accounts. The involvement of other officials in the same wrong doings could not be ruled out after Kanhere’s case.

At the outset, Kanhere was deployed as Mohril at Mangalwari Zone office of Marketing Department of NMC. He was assigned to collect taxes and to deposit in Government accounts. However, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Prakash Warade learnt that the total amount to be collected and the amount deposited in Government accounts differed. Warade informed Municipal Commissioner Shyam Wardhane and Additional Commissioner Hemant Pawar after which he was suspended with immediate effects.

The records indicate that Kanhere had collected Rs 58.45 lakh tax in the year 2011-12 but deposited only Rs 29.63 lakh. Similarly, he collected Rs 34.46 lakh in the year 2012-13 but deposited only Rs 5.22 lakh. The remaining amount in question has no records in the record books of NMC.

Wardhane to do audit

With fiddle in money in Marketing Department, Municipal Commissioner Shyam Wardhane has issued orders to do an audit of the department to take a stock of the collected and deposited tax by the officer concerned. He said that audit would help them control the malpractices in the department.