Published On : Mon, Jul 17th, 2017

NMC to register case against stray cattle owners

Cattle Stray
: After the death of a senior citizen and injuries to a man by stray cattle, Nagpur Municipal Corporation has decided to register cases against the owners of stray cattle, considering the danger to safety of people on roads.
The decision has been taken keeping in mind, the increasing number of stray cattle loitering around the city roads. The same has hampered not only the city traffic, but has also imposed a threat to the safety of commuters.

According to section 19 (A), 118 of Mumbai Police Law, the owners of stray cattle can be charged with a fine of three thousand rupees or one month imprisonment or both. The owners of Stray cattle have already been issued a notice in this regard. According to the section 233 of Maharashtra Police Act, case can be registered against the cattle owners who are not following the rule.

The cattle on roads are already causing huge problems for the people. A large number of accidents due to stray animals go unreported unless it results in a death because the victims cannot lodge a complaint against a cow or a dog. All the cattle on the streets are just neglected by their owners.

The circumstances are not only dangerous for humans but, cattle also. When they go in search of food from litter in the roads, they end up hit by vehicles or fall in to pits. 75% of such injured cattle do not even survive. Not only do these stray cattle pose danger to the lives of commuters, they are also a major curb in a smooth flow of traffic. Many a time, stray cattle can be seen sitting on the dividers and in the middle of roads, leading to traffic jams.