Published On : Wed, Jun 4th, 2014

NMC starts use of dung cakes at Ambazari crematorium on experimental basis

Nagpur News : Mostly wood is used for cremation of dead bodies at Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s crematoriums. Some time back, diesel was also used here for cremation. Subsequently LPG was used for cremation.

Now for the first time, Govarya (dung cakes) have been provided for cremation. Approximately 500 dung cakes are required for cremation of one dead body. A special steel frame is provided for cremation now. Use of these dung cakes causes very less air pollution. The ash residue is very less. Five hundred such cakes, which are required for a cremation cost approximately Rs 600/.

This cost is very less as compared to wood. It is also cheaper than diesel or LPG cremation process.

If public accepts the process, many unemployed people can get livelihood.

muncipati tarfe pradushan mukat shav dahan 3 june 2014The process is started at Ambazari crematorium on experimental basis. If it gets good response from public, Nagpur Municipal Corporation plans to introduce the facility at other crematoriums as well. The procedure is started at Ambazari crematorium at the initiative of environment activitist, Vijay Limaye.