Published On : Wed, Aug 26th, 2015

NMC school Ramdaspeth risks lives of autistic kids; Boy’s death poses safety threat

20150825072839Nagpur: The NMC School at Ramdaspeth is once again into news, this time not for its low quality of teaching but for the serious security concerns. A boy residing nearby died last Sunday while playing in the school premises as he came in contact with live wires which have been carelessly lying in the expanse. The news is alarming for more reasons that one, the foremost being that the school also houses institution of mentally challenged children.

Major tragedy in the making

Had some of the mentally challenged children come in contact with the live wire dangling dangerously in the school premises it would have been a disaster of unprecedented nature.  The boy, named Hardik, along with friends had gone to the NMC school (Ramdaspeth Girls Primary School) premises for playful. Being Sunday the school was closed. While playing, Hardik came in contact with the unguarded live electric wire and received a jolt of life. He died on the spot. After the fatal incident, the school was sealed off.

Safety concern looms large

On Tuesday (August 25), top officials of NMC’s Laxmi Nagar Zone and police visited the school and carried out spot inspection. The officials also inspected the electric supply. The day before the tragedy the NMC had cleaned the school premises and cut the wild bushes and trees. Some NMC officials are slated to visit the school again on Wednesday to ascertain the fact as to from where the electric current was flowing to the earthing wire that sucked out the life of Hardik.

No concern for mentally challenged kids

Most significantly, the NMC has given the school to an institution named ‘Samvedna’, which means being sensitive and compassionate towards human cause. The institution runs the school for mentally challenged (Autism) children. Now, the fatal tragedy raises the question on safety and security of these mentally challenged kids more pertinently. And the tragedy also raises the question on responsibilities of NMC and ‘Samvedna’ authorities.