NMC runs Children’s Traffic Park for a dirt-cheap profit

Visitors get looted by contractor/ partner


Nagpur: Exhibiting a height of ‘dadagiri’ over the ill-intentional use of NMC property, a contractor is openly trying to mint as much  money as he can from the Children’s Traffic Park on VIP Road in the city. Frustrated nearby residents have registered their strong protest. However, the NMC administration has turned its deaf ears due to the muscle-flexing on the part of a relative of a local corporator/ partner.

It may be noted that an old contractor, having taken up the work of the Children’s Traffic Park, had malafide intentions since beginning of the work. Giving a trivial amount to NMC as official charges, he started commercial activities at the park and collected unjustified amount of money. It is surprising that the said contractor had illegally collected a sum of Rs 3000 to Rs 65,000 per month as rent from more than two dozen shops and commercial establishments inside the park.

The said contractor happened to be a relative of un-official partner (corporator). The contractor used to collect money at the entry-gate from the owners of shops and business-establishments as well as the persons manning the children’s play-rides, swings and other means of amusement. Besides this, he used to collect monthly sum of money from a dozen hand-carts (Hath Thelas) situated outside the park.

But this did not suffice his purpose, since it proved very expensive for him to meet the garden-electricity maintenance charges, based merely on the earnings of the fees collected at the entry point (Entry Ticket). When the tenure of his contract ended in February 2015, he did not show further interest to renew the contract. Taking advantage of this situation, a relative of the said corporator floated a new company, and enjoying support of the ruling party, he pressurized the Chairman of the Standing Committee and indirectly got a fresh contract of his choice, which is totally illegal. It may be noted further that the proposal worth Rs 25 lakhs is sent for approval and by nefarious design under the pretext of corporator’s relative the illegal benefits are derived.

The local citizens want to know how long such illegal business will run at the cost of children and their desire to utilize the park which has been specifically made for them.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( rajeev.nagpurtoday@gmail.com )