Published On : Wed, Apr 13th, 2016

NMC-OCW’s ‘Tullu Pump’ seizure drive in full swing across 10 zones

32 Booster (Tullu) Pump Seized in just few days

Tullu Pump seizure drive
“Please stop using Tullu Pump People”, especially those who are illegally using Booster (Tullu) pumps to fetch more volume of water supplied by NMC-OCW.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Orange City Water (OCW) have jointly started a massive “Tullu Pump Seizure Drive” all over city, in a bid to stop these people from illegally fetching more volume of water and which ultimately creates low pressure or no water problems for other residents in localities.

The “Tullu Pump Seizure Drive” jointly launched by NMC-OCW is not only going on in full swing all over city but the zonal teams formed especially for drive have also seized over 32 pumps in just few days.

It must be mentioned here with the mercury already hovering around 42 to 43 degree Celsius mark, it is often seen that some people start using (illegally) the Booster (Tullu) Pumps to fetch more volume of water. Thus they snatch water from others which is not just unlawful but is also immoral. Using booster pumps is a punishable offence as per NMC’s water bylaw and strict action may be initiated against the defaulters.

NMC –OCW have formed special 10 zonal teams under supervision of NMC Delegate and OCW zonal mangers for carrying out surprise inspections and due action would be initiated against the defaulters.

The special squads for the drive has started surprise visits across the city and have taken stern actions against the defaulters.

In the past few days, NMC-OCW seized 32 pumps from which , Dharampeth Zone has seized 1 pump from Welcome Society, Dabha, Hanuman Nagar zone has seized 3 pumps (1 from Parvati Nagar and 2 from Bhim Nagar), Nehru Nagar seized 3 pumps (2 from Sarvashree Nagar & 1 from Gopalkrishna Nagar), Satranjipura seized 11 (5 from Naik Talao, 6 from Telipura Pevtha), Lakadganj Zone seized 7 pumps (6 from Dipti Signal and 1 from Kamakshi Nagar, while Asi Nagar zone seized 5 pumps from Arya Nagar.

It may be mentioned here as per the NMC’s Water Rate Bylaw”If a booster pump or any other contrivance is connected directly to the communication / supply pipe then in such an event, the Executive Engineer or his authorized representative in addition to disconnecting the water supply shall seize such contrivance without notice and the Consumer shall be prosecuted by the Corporation. The seized material shall not be returned in any case: Provided that the cost of restoration of water supply shall be borne by the consumer”.

OCW-NMC appeals citizen not to use booster (Tullu) pumps. They also appeal the vigilant citizens if they find booster pumps being used they should inform the OCW’s 24×7 Toll Free Helpline at 1800-266-9899 or similar information can be passed on to Zonal Managers/NMC Delegates at NMC-OCW Zonal offices.

Now, dial 7228903636 to contact OCW Consumer Grievances Redressal Cell (CGRC)
Consumers/Citizens having complaints about OCW employees need not have run from pillar to post to register his/her complaint. Orange City Water has recently activated its Consumer Grievances Redressal Cell (CGRC) with its unique no. 7228903636.

Consumers having complaints about OCW employees, their behaviour etc. can lodge their complaints on this cell number. If consumer/vigilant do not wish to disclose its name & numbers, then it will be strictly kept confidential.