Published On : Wed, Nov 16th, 2016

NMC-OCW to start Fourth Annual Over Head Tank (ESR) Cleaning drive


Nagpur: The drive to start with Bharatwada ESR cleaning on Friday, 18th Nov Nagpur, 16th November 2016: Following its commitment of providing clean, safe and sufficient water to every household OCW is starting its ESR Cleaning for the fourth consecutive year on 18th November 2016 by cleaning Bharatwada ESR.

It must be mentioned here that contaminated water is the most common cause of illness to mankind. 21% of the diseases caused to humans are water-borne and one of the most usual ways water getting contaminated is through overhead water tanks (ESR’s)-the cleaning of which was earlier either neglected or done in an unscientific manner.

The results: has been the improved water quality of the city because of this task. The journey from 79 % of water quality (March 1, 2012) to 96% (October 2016 ) is hugely supported by the NMC-OCW’s ESR cleaning drive. The improvement in water quality reflects in improved social health, since majority of the social diseases are water borne.

A major reason behind contamination of water is eliminated when an ESR is disinfected scientifically and thoroughly, says technical experts in the field.

It may be mentioned here NMC-OCW started its technically advanced drive of ESR cleaning across the city. With this system, OCW not only cleaned all ESR’s but also cleaned GSR’s (Ground Service Reservoirs), .MBR (Master Balancing Reservoirs) and also sumps located at Jaitala and Ram Nagar in last 3 years.

Further, the improvement in the water quality could be achieved due to tremendous hard work of NMC-OCW technical staff in identifying and rectifying or isolating the source of contamination.

Replacement of dilapidated pipeline and repair of major leakages eliminated the contamination source. It may be mentioned here most of the polluted water complaints the source is the illegal tapping from existing main pipelines. The process of identifying such points and isolating them is a continuous process.

Since these illegal pipe connections are so rampant in the city of Nagpur it will take some more time to completely eliminate such sources of water contamination.

The regular and scheduled state of the art in house developed Tank cleaning machine has ensured maintaining quality standards at intermediate storage points.

The chlorine dosing from Water Treatment Plant is maintained at optimum level and further down the line the booster dosing of chlorine at MBR, GSR and ESR by Hypochlorite solution or Bleaching powder is also being maintained to ensure potable water supply to the service areas at all times.

The dedicated Water quality team has been continuously monitoring the water sample collection, analysis, report generation, polluted water complaints, resampling and complain closure. This has ensured that Nagpurians are receiving healthy drinking water and in turn better health.

NMC-OCW started this process four years ago and decided to clean each ESR once every year. This would be the fourth round of ESR cleaning that is planned to start from 18th November 2016.

Owing to the ESR cleaning, water supply to following areas will remain affected on the evening of 18th November 2016:
Prajapati nagar, Nehru nagar Slum, Trimurti nagar, Deshpande layout, Hiwari Kota, Shangharsh Nagar, Wathoda Juni Wasti, Wardhaman nagar, east wardhaman Nagar,Panther Nagar,Padole Nagar,Shivaji Society,LIG Colony,MIG Colony,Hiwari Nagar
NMC-OCW have appealed citizens to co-operate.

For any other information or complaints regarding water supply please contact NMC-OCW Toll Free Number: 1800-266-9899