Published On : Tue, Jul 13th, 2021

NMC-OCW plugged 4 major leakages on Kanhan-1300 & 900 feeder lines in 24 hrs

Nagpur: Four major leakages on Kanhan WTP 1300 & 900 dia main feeder lines were plugged by Nagpur Municipal Corporation & Orange City Water in just 24 hours time.

A 30-hours shutdown of Kanhan Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was declared to plug all four major leakages on 1300 and 900 mm dia feeder lines as well as some major maintenance work at Kanhan WTP from June 25 (Friday ) from 10 am to June 26 (Saturday ) till 2 pm, however NMC-OCW team completed entire task in 24-hours only and saved wastage of precious potable water from going into drain .

Below are the Major leakages plugged during shutdown…

Kanhan- 1300 Feeder line: Major Leakage plugged near Uppalwadi Bus stop

Kanhan -900 Feeder Line: Leakage plugged inside Guard Regiment Premises( GRC), near Waregaon on newly constructed cement road (Outside GRC Boundary) and another at Backside of Pili Nadi

During same shutdown period at Kanhan WTP :-CC tank structure repairing work as well as other maintenance work like electrical and cleaning work was also carried out.

NMC-OCW Technical Team led by Mr Sushant Sourabh started its leakage plugging work on June 25 at 10 am while at same time NMC-OCW WTP maintenance team started its work under leadership of Mr Praveen Sharan. Shutdown work was carried out under supervision of NESL EE Mr Manoj Ganvir, OCW CEO Mr Sanjoy Roy and Director 0 & M Mr Rajesh Kalra

All team worked for almost 24 hours day & night and completed the task almost 6 hours earlier than announced.

NMC & OCW has thanked citizens from affected areas of Lakadganj, Aasi Nagar, Nehru Nagar and Satranjipura zone for their co-operation and support during shutdown

For more information about water supply consumers can contact OCW Helpline No 1800 266 9899.