NMC Makardhokada Hindi School sets an example

Nagpur: Nagpur Today has been making an effort to expose the problems of NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation) schools. The teachers here are trying their level best to increase the number of students in the school but while on the other hand the NMC and government have failed to think of any new scheme which it could reach upto to the parents /guardians, to increase the number of students in school.

Hindi Higher Primary school in Makardhokada on Katol road appeared to be somewhat better compared to others. The building is quite good. The school is from first standard to seventh standard and number of students are 140 and there are 9 teachers. In this school there are no ad-hoc teachers and has two peons. The teachers in this school are enough for the subjects.

Better facilities
From nursery to 4th standard the classes are in the morning from 7.15 am to 12,15 pm while classes from 5th to 7th are from 12.20 pm to 5.20 pm. Talking of the basic facilities in the school, the condition of the toilets is not that bad but then the drinking water arrangements are not good. The children coming here are mostly of the labourers and come from Makardhokada, Ganganagar and the nearby areas. The teachers make full effort to teach the children

Aesthetic sense of Teacher
Generally the NMC teachers after a day’s work get back home but one of the teachers of this school seem to be different from other. Thinking the school to be her second home, a teacher Mamata Pande has devoted her time to make a beautiful garden by bring the plants from her home and planting or potting them here in open space which has been cleaned. Mamata’s effort bore fruits and now there is a beautiful garden. The students sit here now. She has even taught them to byheart the poems in form of song. She has been serving in this school for past 10 years.

Teachers’ alert about students number
According to School In-charge Pushpa Emmanuel Daniel said there were just 110 students in school and now there are 140 She said that the teachers are very alert about the students. The teachers are trying their level best to increase the number of students and teach well. She has been teaching in this school for past 11 years.

—Shamanand Tayde