Published On : Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

NMC launches tax recovery drive w.e.f. Nov 5

Houses, shops and other allotments may be seized under provisions of Maharashtra MC Act, 1949

Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation launched its tax recovery drive with effect from November 5, 2015 for the fiscal year 2015-16. The tax recovery includes property and wealth tax, local body tax and bazaar tax, etc.
The tax recovery department of NMC has prepared lists of zone-wise tax dues to be recovered. Accordingly, there are 1200 persons against whom tax dues more than one lakh rupees are outstanding. Total recovery to be made is near about Rs 50 crore.

Such a loathsome amount will be recovered from defaulters by ways of seizing the movable or immovable property of defaulter (Under Sections 128-iii & iv of Maharashtra Municipal Coproration Act, 1949), or by seizure of rental house and rent there of (Section 128-vi and vii). The citizens have been appealed to deposit their tax overdues at their zonal office in order to avoid penal action by the NMC.

Local Body Tax
The local body tax recovery department is taking stringent measures against tax defaulters of fiscal years 2013-14 and 2014-15, who have skipped MVAT (Maharashtra Value Added Tax) and not filed their balance sheets including audit report, etc., for the years 2013-14 and 2014-15. The tax recovery department is thus going to decide tax dues on the basis of ‘best judgment.’ under Rule 33 (5) of Maharashtra M C Act, 1949, read with Section 9 (Enforcement Manual) which empowers the authority for seizure of bank accounts.

The tax defaulters are advised to deposit their dues with the NMC in order to avoid penal action.

Bazaar Department
There are 395 licence-holding bazaar shop-keepers, platforms and shopping-place owners, etc, who are defaulters of tax. If they fail to clear their tax liability their shops, platforms  or other allotments may be taken back, under Section 81-B of Maharashtra MC Act, 1949 recovery notices be slapped on them for legal proceedings.