NMC going to dogs yet administration cool

Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporations administration seems to be going haywire. The retired employees, officials and contractors looking after the development works is pending since long due to continuous negligence and has been going on increasing The new corporators and office bearers are in difficult situation as the works have not been done even after a years time. The neglected employees and officials are busy exposing the alleged corruptions.

NMC’s Health Deptt– Since last 10 years the social audit of the purchased medicines have not been done . The medicines and other medical material are just being bought. Some purchases are done by quotation while others with tenders. If the audit of all this is done the employees and officials working here would be exposed. They have been on the same post since years and despite limited pay they have been able to amass property.

Under the Clean India movement the garbage boxes are being purchased only on quotation and the contract has been given to Royal. The representatives of Royal are seen the workshop of NMC daily.

Education Deptt- This department has been purchasing every now and then and person taking care of the purchases has a stock book but not a well maintained one. If the audit of past 10 years is done of both the department everything will come to light and those cheating the NMC will be caught. It is alleged that in NMC, even if no work is done still the bill payments are done easily and well distributed among the miscreants.

Workshop Deptt
– In this department 1 to 2 barrels of Engine oil are bought and that too for NMC vehicles stating that it is being used up and to compensate the same. This is known as ‘top up’ in their coined language.

This engine is being stolen by the employees openly for selling it to vendors. The oil is actually used for repair work of vehicles. The rate of engine oil is actually Rs 300 per litre to Rs 350 but it sold Rs 200 per litre. As per the rule the engine oil required to top up NMC vehicles repair is just one litre but the concerned employees sell the engine oil 10-10 litres openly to the vendors.

Finance Deptt
– From months together the payment of the NMC contractors have been stopped. The reason behind this is Finance and Accounts Department Chief had used the reserved funds for various works and saved the NMC administration during the time of crisis. Due to this now the NMC is in financial crisis. Now the present in-charge department chief is facing crisis. The NMC is facing such a financial trouble that the administration is making only the bill payments on the recommendations of the some ruling and opposition corporators. The coporators themselves are seen moving from with proposals of contractors payments. The NMC coffer is empty because of the big payment made concerning Guardian Ministers, it is alleged.

Transport department– The conditon of of Aapli bus contractors is worse. They have been daily visiting the chambers of NMC executive committee members and officers. The pending amount for the November, December and January of these Aapli bus contractors is in crores. Even the pending amount of the retired NMC employees and officials is yet to be given. They have been literally coming daily for their payment.