NMC gears up for immersion of Ganesh idols with arrangements of artificial ponds in place

nagpur-futala-ganesh-imersionNagpur News: Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has geared itself up for the rush of Lord Ganesh idol immersion with arrangements of artificial ponds in place across the city. A total of 107 artificial ponds, including 12 dug up underground, have been created to facilitate hassle-free immersion which is likely to take place in thousands. Similarly, arrangements have also been made for collecting “Nirmalya” (Flowers, garlands, plastic and other puja stuff). The NMC exercise is aimed at saving Futala, Ambazari and other lakes from toxic pollution caused by idol immersion.

Following are the details of artificial ponds:

Sr No.                  Zone name & number          Artificial ponds     Artificial dug ups

1)                     Laxmi Nagar Zone No. 1                    11                          03

2)                     Dharampeth Zone No. 2                    19                          02

3)                     Hanuman Nagar Zone No. 3              10                          01

4)                     Dhantoli Zone No. 4                            13                           —

5)                     Nehrunagar Zone No. 5                      10                           03

6)                     Gandhibagh Zone No. 6                      02                           —

7)                      Satranjipura Zone No. 7                     11                           01

8)                      Lakadganj Zone No. 8                          09                           02

9)                      Ashinagar Zone No. 9                           03                           —

10)                    Mangalwari Zone No. 10                      07                          —

Apart from NMC, several other voluntary organizations are extending a helping hand in ensuring Ganesh idol immersion in artificial ponds and collection of “Nirmalya” at various places. The organizations include Green Vigil Foundation, Vruksha Samvardhan Samiti, Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Janjagruti Avhan Samiti, Srushti Paryavaran Mandal, Maitree Parivar Sanstha, Nisarga Vigyan Sanstha, Rotary Club East and North East, Agaj Sanstha, Rotary Club Nagpur, Yog Sampada Sanstha, Aranya Paryavaran Sanstha, Rajendra High School and others. The collected “Nirmalya” will be lifted and transported by Kanak Resources Management workers and vehicles. The concerned NMC officials have been deputed to supervise entire activities at designated places where immersion will take place. Citizens have been appealed to cooperate NMC and other organizations and save the lakes from pollution.