Published On : Sun, Sep 7th, 2014

Mayor Sole terms Nag River cleaning, PM’s apt words as a major feat during his tenure

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The outgoing Mayor Anil Sole summed up achievements and disappointments during his two and a half year tenure as the First Citizen of Nagpur. Sole highlighted the “Clean Nag River Mission” as one of the major accomplishments and asserted that Nag River would be the source of Nagpur’s development in real terms. “A proposal amounting to Rs 1300 crore has been prepared for Nag River cleaning and soon it will be approved by Central Government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s praise for Nag River mission is the most cherishing moment in my life,” said the outgoing Mayor at a press conference.
The outgoing Mayor went into “Flashback” counting implemented projects, works done, General Body Meetings, other crucial meetings and disappointments, too, during his tenure. Sole termed no celebration of concluding function of NMC’s 150th Year Ceremony during his regime as the major regret for him. Similarly, flagging other successes, Sole recalled appointments sanitation workers in accordance with Lad Committee’s recommendations, big relief to Aiwajdars by resolving their wage issue, dedication of renamed Martyrs’ Memorials, renaming of RBI Square as Samvidhan (Constitution) Chowk and other significant achievements. The former Mayor praised the citizens for their contribution and cooperation in NMC’s many ventures. “The citizens voluntarily came forward as their duty toward achieving development of Nagpur one of the examples being no installation of PoP idols and immersion of Ganesh idols in artificial ponds. This was a major change in the past two and a half year,” Sole stated.
At the same time Sole slammed Maharashtra Government for its apathetic attitude towards NMC. “Despite the civic body in deep financial crisis due to enforcement of Local Body Tax (LBT) the State Government did not provide any help. The Government deliberately stalled many BOT based projects by refusing its approval to them and thus halted development of the city,” regretted the First Citizen of Nagpur.