Published On : Mon, Aug 4th, 2014

NMC Drive : Footpath around Alankar talkies cleared but how long will it remain free?

DSC_2976Nagpur News.

Till the end of last week, if one travels from Shankar Nagar Square to Rani Jhansi Square, one would find host of vendors selling flower pots, ornamental saplings and plants. This is seen almost every year. But not anymore as Nagpur Municipal Corporation seems to have woken up from its deep slumber and got the footpaths on this stretch cleared. However, it remains to be seen till how long the road remains clutter free. Given the previous examples, NMC’s latest drive is seriously under doubt.

The road-side paved-foot-path from Alankar Talkies Square to Rani Jhansi Square is often seen with different products in different seasons.  During Summer Season, one can find earthen pots of various shapes and sizes, while in winter, vendors sell cushions, chandeliers, and in Monsoon season, one finds these vendors selling flower pots and plants.

DSC_2987Their selling these goods often causes people in two-wheelers and four-wheelers to stop and buy these goods. However, this also causes congestion on the road.

On Monday Municipal Commissioner Shyam Wardhane, Superintendent of NMC, Arun P Purde, Assistant Commissioner Karade, Assistant Commissioner Jaidev, Chief Engineer Bhaskar Malwe, Prashant Nihare, Sunil Dumane, Sunil Rokde, Kanhaiya Rathore, Jamshed Ali Mohareer and other officials cleared the entire footpath from all these encroachments and vendors from Alankar Talkies to Nagpur University Library Square.

Recalling the previous instance when NMC cleared the vendors cluttered around traffic park, this drive too is expected to be mere an eye-wash. How long it goes…only time will tell!