Published On : Tue, Aug 4th, 2015

NMC Contractors Welfare Association elections

Two factions in direct contest

adNagpur: As the date of election in NMC Contractors Welfare Association is nearing, both factions–Ramzan faction and Nayudu faction with their allotted election-symbols are getting ready for the fray. Ramzan faction has been allotted election symbol as ‘Road Roller’ while Nayudu faction has been allotted ‘Cup-Saucer.’ It will be seen on Aug 11 whether Road-Roller crushes all cup-saucers or vice-versa, the Cup-Saucer provides energizing drink to ride the road-roller under feet.

It may be mentioned that the member-contractors of NMC Contractors Welfare Association became victim of exploitation over the years, now they are heading towards liberation through a democratically elected body which will be constituted on Aug 11 itself. All the registered members agreed for the election to enjoy their democratic rights, and their election-process was approved by the charity commissioner.

As reflected by present scenario, each faction has 11 contestants in the fray, and all preparations for systematic election have been made. Though the actual number of voters is less than 490, yet both factions are over confident for victory. More over confident is Nayudu faction, because it has made more than 300 registered members to its favour, and it enjoys the support of corporators, NMC officials, office-bearers and white-collared ‘dalals.’ All these being the supportive factors, Nayudu faction is confident of making easy sail.

Ramzan faction is equally confident to win the race, perhaps steadily and silently. That is why it has not yet opened its cards, allowing no room for any speculation.


Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (