Published On : Tue, Aug 4th, 2015

Falling of trees block road traffic in three places


Nagpur: With incessant rains that started on Saturday night and went on unhindered from Sunday evening till Tuesday, many trees lost their root-hold and toppled over.

On Monday the August 3, 2015, three trees fell down and had blocked the vehicular traffic for a significant time. The Fire Department officials arrived with electric chain-saw and cut the trees in pieces to move them to clear the blocked roads.

The roads got blocked on Monday morning when huge trees fell down at LIC Square, The Pakodewali lane, near the Ayurvedic Hospital at Sakhardhara Square. The fire department who are equipped with electric chain-saws were informed and soon they arrived and after cutting the huge trees into pieces, managed to move them from the road and pave the way for a smooth traffic flow.

Sources claim that a huge tree fell down on the left side of the road going from LIC Square to Liberty Talkies. This road is often very busy and has many cars parked on the road side especially during the morning hours. Since there were no roads on the spot, a major accident was stalled.

Similarly, the road near Ayurvedic Hospital at Sakhardhara Square too is usually very busy with heavy traffic. Since at that very moment when the tree fell down there was no vehicular movement a major accident was stalled.
A similar causality was stalled even in the Pakodewali Lane.