NMC cancels odd-even rule for shops in Nagpur

Nagpur: After three months of odd and even diktat, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation will allow all non-essential shops to function on all days from September 2. The old rule, which was being opposed by shopkeepers, has been in force since June 5.

Now, shops on both sides of the road, where a road divided exists, will be allowed to function. The new rule will also be applicable for all non-essential shops in case they are stand-alone too, the notification issued by municipal commissioner Radhakrishnan B on Tuesday stated.

The new rule will not be applicable to shops located in areas like Itwari, Mahal, Gandhibagh etc where the roads are narrow and there are no medians. They will continue to follow odd and even rule till September 30.

All non-essential shops will be allowed to remain open all days along the roads where there are no shops on the other side. On all other roads such non-essential shops will be allowed to open on alternate days (P1 and P2 basis) as per earlier guidelines.

All such non-essential shops will now be allowed to remain open up to 9pm from the existing 7pm.

Hotels and lodges will be allowed to operate at 100% capacity as per separate standard operating procedure which will be issued by state government for necessary precautions to be taken while operating these establishments.

Liquor shops will continue to operate as per earlier guidelines, the notification added.

Activities to remain prohibited included schools, colleges, educational and coaching institutions. Till September 30, online/distance learning shall continue to be permitted and would be encouraged.

Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres (including that in malls and market complexes), bars, auditorium, assembly halls and similar places too will remain prohibited.

International air travel of passengers except as permitted by MHA. It also prohibited operation of metro rail along with social/political/sports/entertainment /academic/cultural/ religious functions and other large congregations.

All essential shops which are allowed to remain open before these order, will continue to do so, the notification stated.