NMC babus found dozing over illegal construction on a cement road in Manewada

Nagpur: The NMC babus have again been found dozing over complaints of illegal construction on a cement road. An alert citizen has brought to the fore illegal construction of extension of house by an owner named Baban Dahake bang middle of a cement road in Manewada Basti.

The citizen and nearby residents lodged a number of complaints with Hanuman Nagar Zone, Ajni Police Station, the area Corporator, and MLA But still no action has been initiated to halt the illegal construction or demolish it. The residents wonder how can any action could be taken when the NMC babus are slumbering in deep sleep? Money must be exchanging hands, they suspect.

When the residents contacted the Junior Enginner Lamsonge of Hanuman Nagar Zone and brought to his attention the brazen construction on the cement road in Manewada Basti by Baban Dahake, he coolly said “Woh construction karta hai toh karne do, hum oose rok nahi sakte” (If he carries out construction then let him do so, we can’t stop him). An outrageous reply, indeed.

It is learnt that Baban Dahake has done such illegal construction before this also but the Junior Engineer Lamsonge didnt take any action by himself. But when the MLA Sudhakar Kohale ordered to act, the construction was demolished in the month of September 2016.

But in the instant case, even the MLA’s orders are being cold-shouldered by the NMC babu. The outcome is the “encouraged” Baban Dahake is constructing on the cement road without fear but favour.