Published On : Mon, Aug 4th, 2014

NIT razes Tauby’s stall at Futala

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In a significant move, Nagpur Improvement Trust razed the Tauby’s Home Bakery situated at Futala Lake in city on Monday. The NIT officials came along with the JCB, other machineries and staff to demolish the premises. However, the NIT staff allowed the Tauby’s owners to remove all the material that they wish on their own. Under the supervision of Tauby Bhagwagar, some labourers and staff of Tauby’s Home Bakery dismantled most of the metallic and wooden interiors. The work went on late in the night too.

However, on Monday, the Demolition In-Charge of Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) arrived with 12 of his staff and razed the construction.

Sources said Tauby Bhagwagar, was invited by the shopkeepers of Futala Lake to join their Association, so that they can be united and fight for their rights. However, she chose not to go ahead. Even when the shopkeepers submitted a petition against Sell Ads to the court seeking justice, almost all the shopkeepers kept their shops closed. However, Like Domino’s, Tauby’s too kept its shop open. They also continued their business as usual.

The shopkeepers association got a stay on the action against their shops till the final hearing from the court. However, since Tauby’s shop was not included in the list of the shops that got the stay, her shop was demolished.

Nagpur Today contacted Tauby Bhagwagar, but she refused to speak to us.