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    Published On : Fri, Feb 9th, 2018

    NIT, NMC faces heavy revenue loss as Futala shopkeepers enjoy

    Nagpur: Bhrashtachar Virodhi Janman President Sanjay Agrawal has alleged fraud by the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) in Agriculture Department’s vacant land near Futala lake by giving it to inexperienced contractor for development under the political pressure. The contractor violating the agreement let out the shops at a high rate to more than 18 businessman. The matter went to court when the shopkeepers refused to pay the rent. After additional extension to the contractor, the NIT dismissed him. Soon after this the shopkeepers have been trying to deal with NIT directly. In this entire episode the NIT and NMC faced a loss of crores of rupees. Since both the administrations are not serious about the matter, because of this the shopkeepers and contractor are enjoying.

    According to Agrawal, the contract was given to Sale Ad by NIT on 17 Feb 2010 to construct 20 Food Kiosks and for this the contractor was to give Rs 16,27,004 during the first year, second year Rs 17,89,704, third year Rs 19,68,675, fourth year 21,65524 and fifth year Rs 23,82,097 as rent to NIT. But the contractor constructed more than 20 Food kiosks and gave them on rent. The kiosk were constructed on the parking place showed in the sanctioned plan.

    Agrawal has informed that at contractor has to give Rs 41,31,790 rent and Rs 11,16,782 of government service tax in Surat. As per the NIT total Rs 52,84,572 is pending at contractors end. For clearing the pending amount the NIT served notice to the contractor on 5 Aug 2016, 2 Sept 2016, 30 Nov 2016, 6 April 2017. Crores of rupees of the NMC’s Property Tax Departments is pending with contractor as well as shopkeepers. Till 2015 the amount pending with Messrs Sale Ad is Rs 1,52,983, Kaveri Creation Rs 18,15,419, Om Associates Rs 22,34,370, Sikander Pal SIngh Rs 11,14,472, Mohammad Shakilk Rs 9,67,747, Shailendra Sharma 4,39,383, Babbu’s Rs 26,664, Shahnewaz Khan Rs 5,51 560, Divya Fast Food 8,17,129, Gayatri Fast food 7,88,282, Shilpi Ajay Bagadi Rs 13,06,281, Rahul Nagulkwar 6,86,388, Shravan Chintaman Inawate Rs 4,08,563, Kamlesh Sahani Rs 4,68,660, Subroto Sinha Rs 1,46,456. According to the shopkeepers’ sources no one has paid the pending amount and so it went on increasing.

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    Agrawal has accused NIT and NMC of being partial. He said that for a small amount the the administrations do not hesitate to seize the property or acution but these big people with whom amount is pending are being protected and so action should be taken against the person protecting them. Both the administrations should recover the pending amount in time or else they would have to knock the doors of court. The administration will be responsible for the heavy loss.

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