Published On : Fri, Sep 4th, 2015

Nirmal Nagari builder has to pay double charges as penalty for power theft, reveals expert

Nagpur: An Electrical Engineer, a Power Expert, the Energy Forum Chairman of VIA and one of the Directors of MSEB Holding Company R B Goenka revealed that the offence pertaining to mega power theft as committed by the builder of Nirmal Nagari attracts a penalty of twice the charges to be recovered from the year the power connection was provided to the Builder. He said that the offender is given time to pay the assessed amount or to appeal against the assessed charges.

While speaking with Nagpur Today Goenka however said that he was yet to go through the assessment of Nirmal Nagari. Only then could he actually comment on the case, he added.

However, in normal circumstances, if the defaulter commits an offence of violating Section 126 of Electricity Act, there is no need to file an FIR, but only a panchanama is conducted. He claimed the Assessment Officer who can be Chief Executive Officer of SNDL has full rights to waive off the offence or to penalize the offender after assessing the gravity of offence committed.

Since the Builder of Nirmal Nagari had obtained a power connection of 33 KV from SNDL and had committed the offence of only redistributing the power, this cannot be construed as power theft. The theft of electricity will be considered only if the offender taps the electricity from the main power lines or if someone tampers the meter. When a power theft is detected, an FIR is lodged and the case is tried in Civil as well as Criminal Court.